It is amazing how major challenges (“problems” as some people call it) can make you realize so many things in your life.

Previously, I once thought that I have figured things out. I thought that I’ll be okay for the rest of my life based on the knowledge I had. I was successful. I was a businessman. I was married to a beautiful woman. I had a good physical appearance.

Oh, how wrong that thinking was. The way I used to think was being complacent. I hope that you (yes, you!) would not fall into this trap.

The moment that you think you should stop learning and working on yourself, that is the day that you have become complacent.

I know it sounds all tiring but what I am saying is that remember the rule of the great coach Vince Lombardi, celebrate for 24 hours and forget it! Cry for 24 hours and forget it! That is the same way with life.

When you achieve something, you celebrate it! But only for 1 day or 2. But after that forget it! It’s already in the past! It doesn’t really matter anymore.

Move on and keep learning and working on yourself and another goal. That is how you avoid the pitfall of complacency.