“Knowledge is not power, but organized knowledge is power. The ability of man to use what he knows and uses it to attain his goals is power." – Russel H. Conwell

I would like to say that the future of training for this booming industry or economy is in Public Speaking training. I see a vision where people will need this skill more than ever. I see that the amount of information we are accumulating today, by creation or discovery, needs the proper communication and use of this information. The factor that the companies will need to share this information with their co-workers and mostly their clients will be the presentation skill or public speaking. Just imagine this, if you own a company and the insights from a survey you conducted from your top clients have been reported to you, what will you do with it now? You start coming up with ideas and strategies based on the information you get. Then, you start convincing people with this idea. What will you be using to convince them with this proposal or strategy? The linking skill is your presentation skills. Now, after your job of cascading this to your people, what will they then do? They have to share this information or strategy to their customers. And the way you present this idea will make and break that strategy or proposal. In short, this pattern is similar in most companies, you live and die by the way you transfer information. The demand for better speakers is increasing day by day.

Look at our current politicians; are not our senatorial and congress trials more public now? Add the power of criticism by the social media people, who are relentless now and sudo-brave in pointing out flaws in the speaking style of the current set of politicians. I do believe that the demand for better speakers is starting to come because of this circumstance.

What type of training will people be looking for?

First, the ability to be Clear. Are you a clear speaker? Are you able to deliver your words in an educated manner? Do you sound understandable? Not so much of fancy accents but rather a neutralized educated one.

Second, Logical. Yes people today are more and more paying attention to logic. Remember Matobato? He thought he can fool the people? He’s logic was extremely tested. Donald Trump’s statements are also being questioned especially with his outburst of data. Public Speaking trainers need to be logical trainers too.

Third, Passionate. If people can’t hear passion and enthusiasm in your voice, well it’s hard for them to believe you. Bro. Bo Sanchez made his fortune in using his passion and enthusiasm and now he has hundreds of thousands of followers. Did not the tough-talking president of the Philippines, sway his people by his passionate expressions during his election speeches? Yes, he was quite rude but you can’t argue his passion in his speaking style. Plus, he won the people over.

In summary, I do believe that the future of training is in Public Speaking because of the amount of information we are gathering and trying to turn into profit or results. If you are a logical person, you cannot be behind in this trend.