Teacher Referral Program

Teacher Referral Program

Teachers, do you want to earn extra rewards by just referring your students?

“Sir Rads is a teacher at 2 colleges here in Manila. This year, he thought of changing the lives of his students by giving them the opportunity to learn outside the classroom. He searched outside for seminars and conferences but he didn’t like any of them because it didn’t fit his students. And he heard of our Teacher Referral Program, where we set up seminars and conferences for students in the Philippines. So he called Speech Coach and asked 200 of his students to attend an exclusive conference for them set up near their school. We set up a “rocking” great conference for them. It was fun, educational and most of all inspiring. The students were really happy to attend an event outside school and it just cost them 250 pesos.”

Dear Teachers/School Admin:

We know how tough it is to be teaching 4 to 6 classes a day and how sometimes the students want to explore something outside. So we created the Teacher Referral Program for your students and school, where we set up PROFESSIONAL seminars and conferences for your students.

Here are the benefits of the TRP:

  • Career/ Job focused topics
  • Customized program and schedule
  • Great speaker line-up
  • Affordable for students
  • Rewards program for the school or teach that initiated the event (gadgets, gift certificates, cash, travel and many more.

This program, we truly believe, will help you and your students become better learners. We hope to hear from you soon and experience the rewards of helping your students learn. It’s about time both of you benefited more!

Any teacher or administrator can join, as long as you have the ability to set up events for your classes or school. If you want to join our program today and earn rewards and the admiration of your students, please call us now at 6541124 or send us a message here http://speechcoachtraining.com/contact-us/

Truly yours,

Speech Coach Referral Team