SpeechCoach for Students

SpeechCoach for Students

Our programs will definitely guide and help your child develop at an early age the skills needed to succeed in life.

Do you care about your child's future?

Do you want your child to be the best that they can be?

Do you want your child to become successful?

We have prepared a complete communications programs for our students

Our programs have been rated Excellent by thousands of our students.

Our programs are designed to cater the learning needs of our Elementary, Junior High, Senior High and College Students

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Speaking Class

Focuses on english conversation practice, pronunciation, spontaneity of expression, clarity of speech, and self-confidence training

Writing Class

Focuses on organization of ideas in academic writing, grammar (parts of speech, subject verb agreement, preposition, correct usage & verb tenses) and confidence in writing.

Public-Speaking Class

Focuses on mastering the system of outlining (how to make a speech outline), trains conviction and self-confidence (overcoming stage-fright).

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