SpeechCoach for Professionals

SpeechCoach for Professionals

Are you having difficulties in presenting your thoughts clearly during that important business presentation?

Are you having difficulties in conveying your message in English (both verbal and written)?

Are you having difficulties in getting promoted?

Then this is the best program for you, that you might not find in a regular College or University.

​Our Master's Program is one of the most complete communication training curriculum for professionals who are seeking to totally develop their speaking and writing skills!

It is a 4-subject program. The student must finish all four (4) programs to receive their certificate of completion.​

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English Conversation & Confidence (Starter)

Focuses on expression, speech clarity in conversation, functional grammar, and self-confidence training.

English Conversation & Confidence (Advanced)

Focuses on spontaneity in conversation, logical reasoning, self-confidence, and professionalism

Presentation Skills Development

Focuses on organization of ideas in making presentations, mastery of delivery, and self-confidence in handling an audience.

Business Writing Workshop

Focuses on drafting organized letters, on writing tones, phraseology, and functional grammar (intensive).

Other Details:

This is a group class - 5 to 12 students;

Classes are normally scheduled on a Saturday or during the evening;

The students are required to finish the four (4) subjects within a year;

There are exams at the end of each subject.

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