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6 Interesting Facts about Adult English Fluency in the Philippines

We have gathered some important and interesting data on their level of fluency. The research and development team has been able to gather information that may provide an insight to any company or organization. It is to be noted that the respondents are adults who earned 4-year degree courses and are all currently working in the Philippines.

Presenting Summarily:​

  1. According to our data, one of the most common speech disturbances that professionals encountered was the use of fillers, specifically "uhms" or "ahs." Through surveys and assessments of 100 professionals who eventually studied in our center, the filler "uhm" has been the most frequent speech disturbance that manifested.​
  2. The same respondents scored a rate of 55% fluency. By measuring the number of mistakes that people commit,the tests resulted in a 55% test score. It can be said that they make 45%speech mistakes most of the time! Just imagine speaking for 1 minute and the 20 or 25 seconds are composed of speech mistakes like uhms, ahs and grammatical errors.
  3. Based on data, the most common sign of low level self-confidence for the professionals came out to be having a "weak" body language. A "weak" or  "closed" body language is one of the main indicators of shyness. Most of the participants that showed closed body language had awkward posture and hand positions.
  4. Surprisingly, pronunciation and grammar challenges did not emerge as one of the biggest issues for professionals! When interviewed, most of the students believed that their main issue was grammar and pronunciation, however, the data show that those 2 mistakes were only committed 5 to 10 percent of the time! The biggest issues were fillers and unnecessary pauses.
  5. The data also showed that the most commonly mispronounced sound in English by the respondents is the aspirated "th" sound! Yes, the air sound used in the word three,thousand and think. It came out to be the most mispronounced sound by professionals.
  6. Also, as a final note, the most commonly mispronounced word by the professionals (based on our test category) is the word ATTACHE case! Yes. Only 3 percent out of the 100 professionals knew how to say that sound!

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