Speech Coach Training Center

Our Story

Speech Coach is one of the best online/digital English training centers in the Philippines. It specializes in teaching English Fluency, Public Speaking and Confidence Building courses. It caters to students to the professional levels.

It was founded by JC Santos, its current President, in 2010. JC is one of the best and most passionate trainers in Asia today. They have continuously received 90% positive and effective feedback from all their clients. They continue to develop their lessons based on their PIMEC approach, which focuses on a progressive and interactive strategies. Also, they try to create easy to understand and affordable enrollment packages for their clients.

Speech Coach also believes in the Philosophy of continuous learning. It is the belief that if we want to grow our careers, we have to keep on learning.

Our Goals

To be one of the best (popularity/booking rate) digital/online English & Public Speaking Training centers in ASIA.

To be one of the companies showcasing the talent of Filipino, and other Asian, English teachers.

To be able to help Asians become better English communicators, whether for social or business purposes.

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