Everyday, I work out, I stretch, jumping jacks and sprint! But did you know, I also have a workout for my motivation? This leads to results and productivity!

As trainer to CEO’s, Presidents, Corporate and Organization Leaders, I have learned how to make myself more efficient at work. Let me share with you some tips that will help you become more productive at work, whether you run a business or work with a business.

Learn the 2-Step Motivational Work Out

Yes, its not just the body we work out but also our motivation! Here at Speech Coach there are 2 things I do to work out my motivation, this is a sure fire way to keep you motivated at work. Here are the 2 steps:

  • Meditate for 20 or 30 mins. Yes, this is a skill I ignored when I was younger because I did not know how to do it. During my trainings, I teach CEOs and Leaders to meditate for specific purposes. The basics of meditation are very simple: focus on breathing, then the weight of the body, the sounds around you, letting go of focus and finally focusing on compassion. Make sure you’re sitting down properly (maybe not lying down because you may fall a sleep.)
  • Second step is to emotionally affirm! Yes, put all your focus, heart and body into affirming. The main difference with regular people (no pun intended) I trained and the leaders I train would be this. I’m shocked how emotional leaders are when they affirm with me. They vibrate with all their heart and soul. For the person beginning to train with me in leadership they struggle with this at the beginning. They find it not useful and strange but for leaders who went through “the darkness of the abyss” connect so much with this. One of my favorite affirmations I do with my leader students is “I am the Voice” by Tony Robbins. Try what I say and I’m sure you’ll understand its true power.

End the Day with Victory!

One of the best practices I have taught leaders and my own company is ending with victory. Pushing one more time before they leave work. This has so many benefits. I remember a time here at my company, Speech Coach, we were about to end work at a Saturday afternoon, everyone was so lazy already and excited to go home, and I suddenly remembered this philosophy in productivity, I immediately shouted at my team that we should not end this day lazily but with VICTORY! “Push one more sale!” I shouted. Then, we all stood up and started calling one more person to enroll, and you know what the client was so happy we called her and she wanted us to meet her at her house to pick up payment! Oh boy was that fun! You see, no matter what happens in your day, if you end it with victory, you’re setting up your mind to think victory. You maybe lucky like us to get one more sale but the psychology we have the following morning was more amazing. It built momentum for us! So remember, end with victory!

Read a book related to your work at some point during your shift.

Remember, the best way to bring results is not to just focus on your strategies at your job but to work on yourself. So, if you want to have more results you better train yourself. Read a book! If my team is missing out on their targets, I tell them to train and learn something about their work. They either listen to audio books or get a book related to their work. Try it! I guarantee more results at you job! Most of my CEO clients do this practice. In my case, because I am a top coach and trainer, I make sure that I study a lot of hours a day to keep myself in shape! So, when I talk to my clients I’m always super sharp! Let me repeat it, try it! This advice may just be worth millions to those who listen!

Always review your RESULTS.

NO matter what you do at work, the one thing that will matter will be your results. One of the best ways to be more productive at work is to review your results and how near or far you are from it. This type of practice for me is so motivational. If you have high Emotional Intelligence, you’ll always be challenged when you see this. If you’re far from it then you’ll know to push more and if you are near you want to close it out soon! Both motivational!


Do I need to explain this more? Maybe I do. One of my favorite practices is to pray before work, during work and after work. Just have that type of relationship with God. It keeps me balanced and feel more brave at work, especially when I have challenges! Today, was one of those days that I wanted to just rest but I remembered to pray. I told myself in my prayer that I mainly do my work for Him. That just energized me to finish this blog. So I guess this blog is a reflection of what I have just said to you here. Interesting aint it? Passion in action, walking my talk I guess. It’s already 930 in the evening.

In short, no matter what you do you want to be productive and get results and I hope that this article helps you a lot! Please share this post.


JC Santos
Speech Coach​