Maybe unlike other "positivity" authors out there, I might want to tell you something different. The way I discovered my tough minded-optimistic self is through actually a rather hard experiment. Some authors go by interviewing people, and that is good. They act like stewards of success. My style is different, I am actually the one deliberately overcoming the challenges! Here is what I am trying to say:

Money Challenge

I picked a rather common issue of the people today -- money. How do you solve in paying Php 700,000 thousand in one week? The issue I was facing was just that. I needed to pay that amount in a week's time.

I have faced many challenges that made me feel that my back was against the wall, but this was different and it proved to be one of the toughest that i have faced as of yet. I have solved all my issues before but I always ended up getting a lot tired and worried, but this time I made a conscious effort to approach things differently.

I decided to have a deliberate POSITIVE or OPTIMISTIC approach about it. Here are the things I have decided:

1. I will be more excited rather than worried. Most of the time I was worried. I will curl up and think of the solutions and hope that a miracle will come across my mind. This time, I said enough! I will be excited and happy! I had to think of a good reason to be excited. Being able to feel excited about something (or ENTHUSIASTIC) helps you see the solution/s faster.

2. I will involve God in everything that I do. I usually don't ask God for help and sometimes I couldn’t even bother to pray every night. Now, I wanted to experience more of His power and blessing. I come to realize that I needed Him more. Actually, involving Him made me more happy and hopeful. I just knew that with Him, everything is possible. I remember this one time that I was talking to one investor about investing more money and at the back of my head, I was saying, “God is guiding me.” Actually, I kept on saying it (repeatedly) before, during and after I was talking to that person.

3. I will imagine and see myself achieving all of my goals. I already knew this before but I was too lazy applying it. I remember the process taught by Dr.Norman Vincent Peale, pray for what you exactly want, make sure the intention is correct and sincere, and thank God for giving you the things that you want in advance. That’s what I deliberately did -- I thanked God for giving the money that I needed. As a wise woman once said to me, “The Lord always provides.” Oh he always does.

These three steps were amazing. I never knew the power of deliberate action or intention before this major challenge!

Travel Challenge

I remember the time when I booked a flight to a certain Asian country. I almost didn’t have any budget during that month but still I needed to prepare for the upcoming trip. I know that God was on my side that day.

For several days, I was trying to figure out where I could get the money for travel (I couldn’t back out because the airfare has already been paid for and it was truly an expensive one). I came up with several plans and nothing was working. I tried so many things that I couldn’t even remember all of the things that I did, the one thing I can only remember was getting money by selling some of my gadgets and I was able to raise around half of what I needed for travel. But that wasn’t enough and time was running out.

The day that we were supposed to leave, my auntie told me to have a safe trip and asked me what time is our flight. I said to her that we will be leaving soon but before that I had to go to a money changer and exchange some of the money I have (half of my budget) for dollars. And miraculously, she told me that she had some dollars with her (500 USD) to be specific and she can just lend it to me for now and pay her back in peso when I come home.

Oh what a glorious day! God was working with me that day. I had 500 USD and 250 extra (my original budget). I was able to enjoy my trip that time. It wasn’t a lot of money but it was a miraculous trip. After I came home, I was able to immediately pay off my aunt. Thank God for miracles.

Relationship Challenge

One of the most challenging parts of a relationship is when you get into a fight with your partner or spouse. Especially when you are young, you both tend to be aggressive. The early parts of my relationship was like this, I sucked handling arguments and issues. 

No matter what I did, it always ended up into a “battle royale,” except for this one time that will forever change me. Do you remember how I solve all my money issues with positivity and faith? When we had another episode of an argument, I told myself that I’ll apply the same process. I told myself that, If I can solve my financial issues with this process, I am sure that I’ll be able to use this in my own relationship (where it mattered more than money).

So I did! When my spouse was raging in anger and walked out (or drove out) our house, I immediately told myself that I will apply what I have learned and so I closed my eyes and I prayed to God. I told Him that I needed Him and that I wanted to become a more patient husband. I also thanked God in advance for helping me manage the anger of my wife.

It was tough. Really. Being able to manage your spirit, especially in a marital argument. I just told my self, “God will provide and He will support me. I turn it over to Him.” I felt an unusual calmness. The next thing I knew, I was lying on my bed and imagining that I was solving all the challenges that were given to me that day.

After a few hours, my phone rang -- and it was the wife calling (what a miracle!!!). I answered the phone and she asked if I have already had dinner! Plus, whether I was okay or not! She was worried!

I believe God really works with us all the time. If some people say that God can’t help you in all situations, well, I disagree! I have been into very tough challenges and I was able to solve all of them because I knew God was beside me. Not the dependent type of faith but the hopeful type of faith. Amen to that! That time, I really realized how God was connected with everything that we do.