About Us


“Do what you love to do and your success will follow.” - JC Santos, President

If you are wondering how great businesses are built, the answer is PASSION.

JC Santos, had no business background, he only had the tools to become one of the best speakers in the Philippines, including his passion in helping people become better speakers and more successful. With these he founded his company named SpeechCoach.

SpeechCoach was founded on August 23, 2010. Its first branch was a humble 18 square meters at C&B Mall, Marikina Heights. The first office would only fit five students. But because of its founder and president JC Santos, Speech Coach quickly expanded. In 2011, Speech Coach moved into a bigger office.

In 2012, SpeechCoach had its second branch, the SpeechCoach Santolan. This was also the time that SpeechCoach has built its name in the corporate scene. Training companies in motivation and leadership communication. SpeechCoach has always been rated excellent by the companies and people we have worked with.

In 2014, SpeechCoach opened its first corporate office in BGC. Today, it has been moved to a better location, Makati city. This is where they meet and train some of the corporate clients.

In 2016, it opened another branch in Concepcion Dos Marikina, called SpeechCoach Panorama. So far, it has been doing better than what the founders expected.

Mission and Vision

Speech Coach Mission is to help as many Filipinos, students and professionals, as they can to develop their communication skills, confidence, and leadership skills.

Its vision is to expand into more branches all over the Philippines in 2022.

Also, its vision is to become the premiere Leadership Communication training center for corporations and professionals in 2020.