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Speech Coach Job Program

“I strongly believe that this is the BEST English communication, self-confidence & job readiness program for job seekers out there today.  I have seen this program to really work for our applicants.” – JC SANTOS, CEO, Speech Coach

This is a 30-hour program tailored fit for job seeking people in the Philippines. The idea is to provide the participants with an intensive training program for English communication, self-confidence building & job readiness that will help them find and identify the career they would succeed on. This program has been rated to be really effective.


This program focuses on helping the job – seekers have a high chance of passing a job interview. It will help the job – seekers improve fluency, self-confidence (speaking and facing people) and comprehension ( sharpness, listening and answering questions)

Focus 1: English fluency (spontaneity, grammar & pronunciation)

Focus 2: self-confidence building

Focus 3: comprehension (sharpness and logic)


For more details about the program:

CALL US: Santolan-LRT2 904-5326 / Marikina Hts. 792-4342  (0917) 8694722

EMAIL US: kate@speechcoachtraining.com

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/speechcoachtraining


SPEECH COACH, building self-confidence


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